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Is There an Easy Way to Repair Damaged Hair?

Healthy, shimmering hair is a universal sign of beauty and vitality, and for those with less-than-stellar locks, repairing damaged hair can help improve self-image and increase confidence. Luckily, there are many options available to those seeking to eliminate split ends and treat other elements of poor hair health. Various vitamins, home remedies and specialty hair products abound, but separating the truly effective treatments from the lesser ones can be tricky.

Will Hair Vitamins Work for Me?

Vitamin products aimed at repairing damaged hair should make your hair grow faster, look healthier, and be more resistant to breakage than before. Being that they take very long to act, however, means that the effectiveness of such treatments can be rather difficult to gauge. The fact of the matter is that even the best vitamin products only improve the hair you grow after vitamin consumption has begun; they cannot repair the split ends you already have nor mend the damage that already exists. Being that you have to grow new hair before you can see any results, assuming a regular hair growth rate of one centimeter per month means that a shoulder-length hairdo requires regular vitamin consumption over the course of roughly three years before the product’s effects can be observed fully. For many concerned with repairing damaged hair, that’s just to long to wait.

Home Remedies for Split Ends

Home remedies for repairing damaged hair run the gamut from simple and easy to downright kooky. The most obvious do-it-yourself solution is to simply trim or cut the damaged hair off. This will temporarily, eliminate the split ends until you can find a more long-term, sustainable method of repairing damaged hair and preventing future breakage.

Products said to be of some benefit can also be found in most refrigerators and pantries. These include mayonnaise, honey, oil and egg yolk, which are typically mixed in varying proportions to form unique home-based concoctions for direct application to the hair and scalp. The use of such home remedies can get a bit messy and is best reserved for those with lots of time and a willingness to experiment. It’s also important to note that the effect of most home remedies is temporary and fleeting at best.

Hair Products for Split Ends

If you’re looking for a quick-acting, hassle free way of permanently repairing and protecting your hair from breakage, you need not look further than H2Thermal: the easy one-step solution to your split-end and damaged-hair problems. Unlike less effective conditioning treatments which merely coat the damaged hair’s outer layers, H2Thermal works from the inside out to deliver deep healing moisture to every hair follicle. Utilizing its advanced ionic technology, H2Thermal heals dry, brittle hair, mends split ends and protects against future damage like no other product on the market today.

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