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Tips for Preventing Split Ends

There are lots of misconceptions circulating about the causes of split ends and how they may be prevented. The fact of the matter is split ends occur when hair follicles become dry, brittle, and lose their naturally occurring layer of protection. Excessive washing, harsh combing or teasing and generally inadequate care are among the leading causes of split ends, but unfortunately, hair health can also be affected by conditions which can’t easily be helped, i.e. dry climate and harsh winds. Nevertheless, there are measures you can take to avoid the negative effects of these conditions on your hair and prevent split ends.

Getting Salon Trims Regularly

Those wondering about preventing split ends must not underestimate the importance of regular hair trims. It is best to let an experienced salon hair stylist perform a trim every six to eight weeks; it may get a little expensive, but in this case, the expertise of a true professional can be well worth the cost of the service. Even if you’re concerned about the length of your hair, it is important to allow the stylist to cut at least one to two inches off, as splits are commonly found at multiple lower hair shaft points and not only at the visible tips of the damaged hair strands.

Avoiding Harsh Chemically Based Products

Chemically based products might be your hair’s worst enemy. Getting a perm, having your hair dyed or even swimming in a chlorinated pool can have terrible effects on the health of your hair and lead to split ends galore. Even worse are daily-use products that contain harsh chemicals. If you’re serious about learning how to prevent split ends, step number one should be taking inventory of all of your hair products and researching their active ingredients to determine whether they contain harsh chemicals. If they do, don’t hesitate to dump them and find a healthier alternative.

Avoiding Excess Heat Exposure

Want to know how to prevent split ends? For starters, you should consider limiting your use of blow dryers, straight irons, hot curlers or any other heat-styling products. Even the comparatively-gentle summertime climate can be too much for your hair under some circumstances, so be mindful of your time in the sun and consider wearing a hat when outdoors.

Thermal Activated Hair Repair

One exception to the rule, however, comes in the form a revolutionary product that actually enables you to harness the power of heat to your advantage and use it to repair split ends. H2Ion’s proprietary ionic technology uses heat to dissolve moisture infused microbeads deep into the hair shaft and trigger negative ions to smooth and seal damaged hair follicles. H2Ion’s heat-activated healing moisture incidentally cuts drying time in half and seals split ends while you heat-style your hair. For the first time ever, heat-styling your hair can actually prevent split ends. Learn more about H2 Thermal