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Split Ends: How to Get Rid of Them

Split ends most commonly affect those with dry, brittle hair. They occur when the protective layer of cuticle that is typically found in healthy strands of hair is stripped away, enabling the tips of the hair to split into two or three separate strands. Cutting or trimming the hair is effective in getting rid of split ends, though it only provides a temporary solution and does not prevent the problem from recurring once the hair grows back. It is advisable, therefore, to seek remedies that effectively deal with the problem at its core – not just one symptom of it – and repair the damaged hair both gently and permanently.

Home Remedies for Split Ends

Various home remedies have been used throughout the ages for the purpose of getting rid of split ends by people seeking an easily-accessible solution and/or first line of defense against the problem. These remedies can be a bit messy, and at times, seem downright whacky. Some popular home-based treatments to get rid of split ends include:

Home remedies may prove effective for some and ineffective for others. Unfortunately, little-to-no scientific research has been conducted to support or refute claims of these methods’ effectiveness in getting rid of split ends.

Temporarily Mending Split Ends

The number one most popular and effective way of temporarily mending split ends is simply to trim the hair. Because splits are typically found at multiple hair shaft points and not just at the very tips of the strands, it is best to cut at least an inch or two off.

Another option for those seeking to temporarily get rid of split ends is the use of “quick-fix” products. These products contain chemicals that glue the split ends together, giving the hair a sleek, healthy look for a short period of time. The effect of these types of products wears off rather quickly, and it is best to have a longer-term plan of action in place for eliminating split ends when that happens.

Curing Split Ends and Other Symptoms of Damaged Hair

Luckily for those seeking effective ways of curing split ends, there’s a highly effective treatment out on the market today by the name of H2Thermal. With rave reviews published in Allure, Glamour, Essence, Elle and the like, H2Thermal uses advanced ionic technology and powerful Moisture Infusion Microbeads to transform damaged hair into strong, healthy hair follicles. Learn more.