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Split-Ender Review

Rated: 5.4 out of 10
by SplitEnds.org

The only thing more frustrating than split ends is finding a way to fix them. From hair care tips that work for a while to professional products that simply don't, finding an answer to damaged hair ends can require more time and money than most of us have to spend. That's why we're reviewing a product that split end sufferers are currently curious about: Split-Ender, a hair care tool that claims to put your days of split ends in the past.

How Does Split-Ender Work?

Unlike most remedies for split ends, Split-Ender isn't a bottled beauty product; it's a battery powered cutting tool that looks and operates like a flattening iron, except in place of the iron is a hair cutter that snips away split ends. In an infomercial, the Split-Ender's creator, Victor Talevera, explains how it works:

The Split Ender is specially designed to guide the hair ends into the blades in a straight motion, trimming off approximately a quarter inch of the ends while preserving the length of the hair.

If his description sounds contrary, it isn't. He means that, as you draw the Split Ender across your hair, it cuts away your damaged hair ends; a claim that some Split Ender users dispute, saying that it also cuts healthy hair, and that it doesn't remove all split ends. It makes you wonder: if the Split Ender creates beautiful hair, why did Victor Talevera cut his long, flowing locks that he once spent hours removing split ends from? We jest.

But Does Split-Ender Really Work?

The primary complaints against the Split Ender are that it (a) doesn't remove all split ends and (b) cuts healthy hair. But there are also reports of its perfect performance. Which of the reports is true? On closer examination, it appears that both of them are. Here's why: if you use the Split-Ender as directed, guiding it slowly over small sections of hair, it works as promised. But if you try to remove your split ends in just a few minutes, it won't remove all of them, and it may cut healthy hair tool.

Ultimately, the Split Ender is a product that has the upside of removing split ends and the downside of taking a long time to use, an aspect of split end removal that most of us are already familiar with through our use of scissors. If you have patience, the Split-Ender could be the answer to your split ends. But if you want a solution that's as efficient as it is effective, you may end up burying the device in a bathroom drawer or selling it on eBay.

Buy Split-Ender

The Split-Ender is available for purchase on its own website for $59.98, a price that seems sweeter after you're plied with a free bonus kit that includes a cleaning brush, 4 in 1 styling comb, quick style clip and metal pressing handle. The Split-Ender also retails on websites that sell TV infomercial products that aren't available in stores.

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