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Split Ends Products

We all want beautiful, shiny, healthy-looking hair, but split ends are an all-too-common problem. Especially troublesome for people with longer hair, split ends can ruin the look of an otherwise-perfect hairstyle. In the past, the only effective way to treat split ends was to cut them off, but recent advances in hair repair technology have resulted in treatments that can actually repair split ends.

What Causes Split Ends?

To understand how products that repair split ends work, it helps to first explore the causes of this condition. By far the biggest contributor to split ends is styling with heat: the blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons that we all love and often use every day. Allowing hair to dry naturally and avoiding the use of heat to style hair can go a long way in preventing split ends from occurring in the first place. Unfortunately, most of us won't give up our styling tools, even though these contribute to split ends.

Another cause of split ends is simply genetics. You can't control who your parents are, and if they pass along to you their genes for weak hair that tends to split easily, then there is not much you can do to prevent this.

Hair Products That Help Split Ends

There are plenty of different products available on the market today that promise to repair hair with split end issues. However, the reality is that most of these products are simply smoothing products that temporarily cause ends that are split to look smoother. These products can provide a temporary fix, but they actually do nothing about fixing ends that are already split, and they also cannot prevent split ends from occurring or worsening.

Best Hair Products For Split Ends

Scientists have been hard at work to come up with a product that does more than just temporarily smooth the hair, and the good news is that there are new products that deliver on their promises to actually repair rough, broken split ends. H2 Thermal is a new product that taps into processes known as ionic technology and moisture infusion microbeads to help to heal damaged hair strands from the inside out. In addition, since heat styling is so prevalent, H2 Ion is designed to be heat-activated, so styling with heat appliances actually helps to further the process of repairing damaged hair, with the result that hair is smoother, silkier, and healthier looking.

H2 Thermal also works quickly: in just one minute, the proprietary moisture infusion microbeads deliver essential moisture directly into the hair's cortex. The ions then connect and strengthen the broken protein bonds that result in split ends, so hair is actually restructured in a way that results in smoother, stronger strands. When heat through a blow dryer or other styling appliance is applied to the hair, this heat actually helps H2 Thermal's ingredients to penetrate even more deeply into each hair shaft.

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