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How To Prevent Split Ends

Split ends usually affect people with medium to long hair, but even short hair can experience this unwanted condition. When the protective cuticle layer is removed, the ends of the hair shaft can separate and the hair takes on a rough and frizzy look that clashes with most of today's sleek hairstyles. There are a number of steps you can take to prevent split ends from occurring or at least to keep split ends to a minimum.

Reducing the amount of heat and processing to which hair is exposed can go a long way toward curtailing split ends. Color, straightening, permanent waves, and other chemical processes can all be damaging to hair, which results in split ends. In addition, day-to-day styling that includes rough brushing, teasing, and the use of heated appliances can also cause split ends.

Prevent Hair Weave Split Ends

Hair weaves are a popular option in hair color; a weave lets you have several different color tones in your hair so it looks more natural than one overall hair color. But like other forms of hair color, weaves can strip the moisture from the individual hair shafts. Without protective moisture, hair dries out, the cuticle roughens, and split ends result.

Colored hair always needs to be pampered, and hair weaves are no exception. Just because a hair weave looks more like natural hair does not mean that the hair is not exposed to potentially damaging chemicals. To prevent split ends after a weave, make sure that you minimize exposure to the sun and chlorine, and consider the regular use of a conditioning product that is specifically designed to repair the damage caused by color treatments. A professional-caliber product like H2 Ion can help to repair split ends in hair with a weave; the ingredients in this product penetrate into each hair in order to repair the damage from coloring agents and seal the cuticle. In this way, not only does H2 Ion prevent new split ends from occurring, but it also helps to mend split ends that already exist.

Prevent Wig Split Ends

Wigs that are made from human hair are expensive, so it makes good financial sense to protect your investment by taking care of your wig just like it was your natural hair. Have you wig washed and styled by a professional, and if you do your own washing and styling, choose products that are gentle to the wig hair and that help to protect the wig from damage. A product that is designed to protect hair from split ends can also work well for wig care.

How To Prevent Split Ends When Straightening Hair

Most beauty experts agree that flat irons and other hair straightening treatments are tough on delicate hair strands. One way to minimize damage when using heat in straight hairstyles is to use a low heat setting, but for some users, this isn't enough heat to make their hair straight.

Another effective option to prevent split ends when styling with heat is the use of a product that can protect the hair, such as H2 Thermal. This product's proprietary formula is actually heat-activated, so heat from a straightener helps the healing ingredients to be absorbed into the hair shaft in order to mend split ends.