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Ookisa Replenishing Conditioner Review

Rated: 4.5 out of 10
by SplitEnds.org

If you're looking for a conditioner that can repair damaged hair, you may be familiar with OoKisa, a trademark of cosmetics producer, Iconic Labs, LLC. OoKisa Replenishing Conditioner is a hair treatment that sells an image to sell a product. In OoKisa's case, that image is 16th century Japanese Samurais and Geishas whose lustrous hair is the stuff of legend. According to OoKisa, the beautiful hair of the Samurais and Geishas can be yours if you use its products, an extremely tall claim. But its conditioner's emergence as a split ends and damaged hair remedy makes the claim worth investigating. We begin with the conditioner's list of ingredients.

OoKisa Replenishing Conditioner Ingredients

The conditioner's active ingredients read like a script from an ancient Japanese apothecary:

  • Kaou (white peony tea) for soothing and conditioning the scalp;
  • Yuzu (Japanese citrus extract) for increasing shine and radiance;
  • Niiro Cha (rooibos red tea) for circulation to scalp and hair follicles;
  • Yuri (water lily) for soothing the scalp; and
  • Tsubaki (Camellia Oil) for moisturizing and fortification

But the hair treatment also contains ingredients that would make a Japanese apothecary balk, such as silicones that are known for toxicity, petroleum-derived C12-13 pareths that can irritate skin, and preservatives that are found in traditional cosmetics, not "natural" ones. In the ingredients department, OoKisa Replenishing Conditioner presents an image of naturalness that its complete ingredients don't support. But as we mentioned before, there's an image being sold to sell a product. Ultimately, the question is whether the conditioner can repair damaged hair. To find out, we look to its users.

Does OoKisa Replenishing Conditioner Work?

The conditioner's users report various results, with the best being a decrease in split ends and an increase volume after the first few applications, and the worst being an increase in damaged hair that's difficult to reverse, although these reports were rare. Overall, users of OoKisa Replenishing Conditioner report that it produces early, positive results that gradually level off, leaving hair moderately improved or the same as before, results that make its $45.99 price tag for a 6 oz. supply seem rather costly, even for a month or two of beautiful hair. In customer reviews, even satisfied users doubt whether the conditioner's effects are worth its price, a debate that becomes more poignant if you decide to buy from the Ookisa website, which promotes trial offers whose terms are disclosed in small print.

Buy OoKisa Replenishing Conditioner

Ookisa Replenishing Conditioner is available through major online retailers such as amazon.com for $45.99 (6 Oz.) and $79.99 (12 Oz.), and at the Ookisa website, where it's offered as a part of OoKisa's Daily Volumizing Kit (conditioner, shampoo and follicle restoring serum). Offered at a trial price of $19.95, those who accept the trial also agree to monthly shipments of the kit at its regular price of $89.95. Recurring shipments can be canceled or returned, although some customers report difficulty in closing their account and receiving refunds to a credit card.

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