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Kronos Repair Masque Review

Rated: 4.5 out of 10
by SplitEnds.org

There are several things that cause damaged hair, and many of them are fun, such as sunbathing and swimming in the sea. So, would you give up your summer trip to sit indoors with healthy hair? We didn't think so, and neither would we. Instead, we'd look for something that let us have our cake and eat it too, like a hair rejuvenator that really works.

As you know, that last part can be a tall order. All rejuvenators claim to work, but many of them don't, or at least not as promised, which turns finding a real solution into a game of cat and mouse. To make the game shorter, we're reviewing a healthy hair that's currently generating buzz: Kronos Repair Masque, one of Kronos' many beauty products.

Kronos Repair Masque Ingredients

As you peruse the Masque's web site, you find that its ingredients are worded in terms that build customer confidence, such as:

  • K-Boost Volumizing Complex, which improves scalp and follicle health and promotes thicker, stronger hair;
  • Hydrabond Strengthening Complex, which strengthens, hydrates and improves elasticity while protecting against split ends;
  • Ambosko Conditioning Complex, which increases softness, smoothness and shine;
  • I-Shine Luster Complex, which encourages luster and protects against breakage and split ends; and
  • Colorshield Complex, which locks in color and protects hair and scalp from free radical damage.

Two technologies make Kronos Repair Masque's ingredients work their magic on dry damaged hair: a t-sfere technology that delivers key ingredients deep into the scalp, follicle and hair shaft; and a second t-sfere technology that releases the ingredients where they're needed most. These technologies are an indicator of quality, as they work to deliver ingredients that many hair care products, including shampoos, let go down the drain.

Does Kronos Repair Masque Work?

Kronos Repair Masque is intended for people with thinning, weak, frizzy, limp, dull, or dry damaged hair, which is all of us at some point. But if you care about customer reviews, you should think twice about using the Masque for your damaged hair. On amazon.com, 18 of the product's 27 reviews deliver a rating of 1 star out of a possible 5, with reviewers making two main complaints: the product works for a few days if at all, and Kronos' trial offers lead to charges that customers aren't prepared for. Kronos Repair Masque also receives favorable reviews, but its unfavorable ones are more humanly convincing.

Buy Kronos Repair Masque

Kronos Repair Mask is offered through major retailers such as amazon.com, and by numerous online beauty boutiques, where it's sold at a regular price of $105 and a sale price of $52.50 for a 4 Oz. supply. Kronos Repair Masque is also offered as a part of Kronos beauty packages, which promote a regimen of products that may be offered in connection with a free trial. Kronos honors product returns that are made according to its policies, although participants in its trial offerings report difficulty returning and canceling automated shipments that result from trial offers.

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